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Texas Rock Solid Decorative Coatings is dedicated to bringing you the most durable concrete coatings on the market. All of our coatings are industrial grade and made to stand the test of time.

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The industry leader in Decorative Concrete, Gyp Crete, Concrete, Stucco and Masonry


Texas Rock Solid Decorative Coatings focuses on PROTECTINGREPAIRING, and DESIGNING concrete. We are officially trained and certified in the full line of Concrete Protector products.


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Serving Austin since 1999

Texas Rock Solid Coatings is focused on designing, protecting and beautifying concrete. We use the full line of products from The Concrete Protector. Concrete design is our specialty, and 100% customer Satisfaction is our goal.

We can turn any boring, grey, damaged concrete floor into a beautiful, eye-popping work of art. Not only does a decorative concrete floor look good, but it also resists staining and is easy to clean. Even more importantly, it prevents your concrete from absorbing moisture. This means no more popping, pitting, or broken concrete to repair or replace.


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